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    Coote Consulting Group, LLC. (CCG) is a leader in Cross-Cultural and Diversity Training with over 20 years of combined leadership experience.

    Many organizations are being dramatically affected by the rapid and constant change in today’s society. Coote Consulting supports every organization with the challenge of implementing diversity and cross-cultural initiatives to achieve their organizational goals and objectives.

    Assisting organizations with Cross-Cultural Management and Diversity Training for every employee within the organization. To ensure top quality results,

    Delivering services in a computer-based training session with quality trainers. We recommend a two or three day course but can also offer a more flexible format to suit your schedule.

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Moving Your Organization to a Higher Level of Success

Dr. Gillian Coote Martin

Dr. Gillian Coote Martin

Founder & CEO

Doctor of Business Administration

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing specially designed programs that aid organizations in cross-cultural and diversity management. We help to make you and your staff better able to effectively communicate across cultural and diverse barriers.

Dr. Tamika Mayes

Dr. Tamika Mayes

Managing Director

Doctor of Business Administration

Coote Consulting has designed programs that are developed to assist organizations in cross-cultural and diversity management. Our Professional Intercultural Trainers provide a great deal of information on cross-cultural and diversity issues that can improve business practices and communication skills. These skills allow employees the ability to better deal with existing communication and leadership barriers.

Coote Consulting Group will analyze your current organization situation and will create an effective and rewarding training program that will be motivating to all employees. This will bring a great deal of success and will prepare the organization to deal with global challenges in today’s world.

Key Points

Key Issues to consider when doing business in a Global Environment

Be aware of your own cultural beliefs.

Be aware of the importance of using the correct communication skills.

Be aware of your competitors globally.

Identify the country’s business practices and how to adopt their culture and retain it

Be aware that everyone’s behavior and beliefs within each culture can vary and has to be handled with different cultural styles.

Managing Cultural Diversity

Coote Consulting programs are developed to assist organizations in cross cultural and diversity environments. Our Professional Intercultural trainers provide a great deal of information on cross cultural and diversity issues that can improve business practices and communication skills.

The training is designed to provide all employees with global business strategies and leadership skills. This program is designed to address issues concerning different management styles, business practices, negotiations, and communication barriers.

cultural diversity awareness

Employees change when they work in a global environment and develop a global mindset with their own ideas, views, and beliefs and do not realize what their expectations are. Cultural diversity recognizes that the business world is shaped by all cultural backgrounds, which influences how business practices are conducted globally, how we interpret it ourselves and how it relates to other organizations in today’s global society.