About Our Services

CCG will analyze your current organization situation and will create an effective and rewarding training program that will be motivating to all employees. This will bring a great deal of success and will prepare the organization to deal with global challenges in today’s world.

CCG high performance trainers are experts in delivering effective information, engaging their audience, and use of an easy format for everyone to understand.

CCG believes that employees can only retain information when they enjoy the training programs that are being delivered.

CCG uses top quality market research material with proven data to back all information that is being given.

Programs Provided

Business Success

Change Management

Communication Skills

Cross-Cultural Management Training

Customer Service


Dress for Success

Leadership and Management Skills

Negotiation Skills

Organizational Change

Presentation Skills


Self Assessment and Goal Setting

Team Building

Time Management

Coaching Process

Business Plan Writing and Consulting


For Profit and Non-Profit Services

Organization Certifications

Business Start-Up Services

Leadership skills