What’s holding your business back?

Improving Productivity Through Skill Building and Diversity Training.
Employee Satisfaction
Improving your company culture creates a more enjoyable and beneficial environment for your employees. Better employee satisfaction reduces turnover and increases employee engagement.
Boost Your Bottom Line
Cross-cultural and diversity training is proven to increase productivity (and revenue) by helping employees work more efficiently together with a wider range of skills, perspectives, and ideas
Improve Your Reputation
Improving your performance and employee satisfaction while celebrating the value of cultural individuality improves your corporate reputation, which accounts for most of your company’s monetary value.

Diversity improves businesses. Is it working for yours?

A diverse workforce infuses your business with a wider range of skills and various perspectives that breed innovation and advancement, but you can only benefit from those assets when your employees know how to communicate and work well together. Diversity training bridges the gaps and allows your business to benefit from the full spectrum of value within your workforce.
  • Increase productivity and profits
  • Eliminate employee alienation
  • Improve your company culture
  • Develop conducive work relationships

Training for Businesses and Professionals

Business success
Self-assessment and goal setting
Dress for success
Time management
Team building
Cross-cultural management
Organization change

About Coote Consulting

Coote Consulting is a leader in cross-cultural and diversity training with over 20 years of combined leadership experience. We understand the dynamics of your business, so we offer our services in a flexible, computer-based format. Our educated and professional trainers can deliver the insights and knowledge your workforce needs to achieve measurable improvements in productivity and employee satisfaction in just two or three days or we can create a customized training program if your schedule is more demanding.